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Extra Screws

Pair of Cob Screws
Pair of Cob Screws
$12.00 | In Stock

** Recommended to Chop the Ends of the Corn Off **

Clever Cleaver
Clever Cleaver
$59.95 | In Stock

Bag Holders

Baggy Rack
Baggy Rack
$12.95 | In Stock
Bagwell Storage Bag Holder
Bagwell Storage Bag Holder
$29.95 | In Stock

Additional Options

Whole Kernel Tube
Whole Kernel Tube
$14.00 | In Stock
Kerry's Corn Shucker/Desilker
Kerry's Corn Shucker/Desilker
$24.00 | In Stock

Kerry's Corn Creamer

Kerry's Corn Creamer vastly improves on the EZ-Creamer and John Thomas Corn System.
 Kerry's Corn Creamer tube, stand, handle, and creamer itself are made of ABS molded plastic. It is lightweight, but very durable.
 Because the creamer teeth are made of hard ABS plastic, it will last for many seasons without becoming dull. The EZ-Creamer used metal teeth that broke off and ended up in the cream corn (and stomach!) 
The stand has extra support ribs but flexible enough to hold at a comfortable angle. 
The creamer tube can be used on the included stand or held freehand. 
The silker/deshucker tube is also a vast improvement over the out-of-production EZ-Creamer. The EZ-Creamer used two hard-backed hard bristle brushes that easily broke and rarely lasted much past shipping. 
The Kerry's Corn Creamer tube uses softer, longer brushes with a soft plastic that conforms to the tube for long life. 
The corn cob screws have a back shield that stops the corn cob from riding onto the drill. 
If you've used the EZ-Creamer (which has been out of production for many years), you'll be very familiar using Kerry's Corn Creamer. And you'll appreciate the improvements!

Kerry's Cream Corn System Instructions

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter

Kerry's Corn Creamer comes with:

  • Stand
  • Corn Creamer tube
  • Whole kernel cutter
  • Silker/deshucker tube
  • Two corn cob screws.

Cut Off Both Ends of the Ear of Corn

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter

Cut off both ends of the ear of corn. We recommend the Clever Cleaver which is also good for hard vegetables and boned meat.

Corn Cob Screw

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter

Attach the corn cob screw in a drill.  Screw into the the fat end of the corn cob.

Silk & Deshuck

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter

Attach the desilker and shucker tube to a table using a C-clamp (not included). Insert the ear past the brushes in the desilker tube and spin the ear of corn to throw off the shucks.  Then gently brush the ear against the brushes to remove the silk.

Cream Corn

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter Slowly spin the ear of corn into the corn creamer tube.  Do not press down on the handle!  Instead, rub the ear against the teeth. Rub two or three times.  Any more it starts biting into the cob.

Whole Kernel or More Pulp

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter Slowly spin the cob through the whole kernel cutter tube for more pulp and skin.  The pulp can be added to the creamed corn for more thickness.   Of course, the whole kernel cutter can also be used to make whole kernel corn.

Remove the Cob

Whole Kernel Corn Cutter
Reverse the drill.  Hold on to the cob and slowly spin to remove the cob.

More About the Clever Cleaver

We sell a lot of Clever Cleavers with our corn systems. It is a VERY sharp clever attached to a cutting board that makes cutting off the ends of corn easy. If you're planning on putting up a lot of corn, you'll appreciate the Clever Cleaver.

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