Taylor Mini Sheller (Model 640) Taylor Mini Sheller (Model 640) Taylor Manufacturing NEW Perfect for beginners and small farms, the Taylor Mini Pea Sheller is compact but effective for all types of peas and beans. GHMiniPeaSheller 399.00 Garden Harvesters
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Taylor Mini Sheller (Model 640)

Taylor Mini Sheller (Model 640)
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Taylor Mini Sheller (640)
Taylor Mini Sheller (640)
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The Mini Sheller (New!)

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You Just Have to Ask

At our request, Taylor Manufacturing (makers of the Little Sheller) engineered the Mini Sheller. We asked for an easy to store and easy to carry sheller that can handle the shelling volume of large gardens to small farms. When they presented us with the Mini Sheller, we knew we had found the sheller that fulfilled our requests.

Cutting-Edge Design

The Mini Sheller is a TRUE bean sheller and the one to rely on for black-eyed peas, crowders, lady fingers, white acres, English peas, and mature butter beans. The adjustable and scientifically engineered rollers lets you go from shelling purple hull peas to mature butter beans in just a few seconds. Rollers that are too hard cannot grab the pea pods and rollers that are too soft end up mashing the peas. The Mini Sheller rollers are designed with just enough strength to do the job right. Just as if you were shelling beans by hand, the rollers rip the pod down the seam rather than force the pea out the back of the pod; a design that dramatically reduces bruising and increases yield. A 1/10 horsepower, American-made motor powers the rollers and is fan cooled and thermal protected against overheating which means that it will not bog down even under the heaviest load.

Easy to Operate

One person can operate the Mini Sheller. Just lay the unshelled pods in the tray and push them forward - the rollers and motor do the rest. The shelled beans drop down into the basket and the hulls are ejected out the front. It's just that simple. Light enough to carry under your arm and small enough to store in a closet, the Mini Sheller is 2/3 the size of the Little Sheller and can still shell up to 4 bushels per hour!

Safety a Top Priority

When designing the Mini Sheller, Taylor kept safety in mind. The innovative rollers are protected by guards in the front and exit which prevents hands or hair from getting caught in the rollers during use. A belt guard that covers the moving belt and drive wheels is included. A convenient on/off switch on the power cord lets you shut off the motor before you unplug it.

Buy It Once

The Mini Sheller is tested to the fullest extent of its intended use. Produced by a manufacturer with over 50 years of sheller manufacturing experience and superior engineering, Taylor has tested the Mini Sheller for nearly 1,000 man hours so that you and your family can make the most of this top-performing machine, generation after generation. Made of 100% aluminum, forget about the Mini Sheller rusting or bending under use because it's designed to last. For demonstrations, we have been using a Taylor Little Sheller that was built way back in 1973. (I have overalls older than that!) Just like the Taylor Little Sheller, the Mini Sheller will still be getting the job done 40 years from now.


Overall Size: 23.5"L X 14.5"W X 10.5"H

Shelling Bed Size: 16.5"L X 8.5"W

Weight: 17.5 lbs

Motor: 1/10 hp (USA Made)

Construction: Aluminum body (verified domestic metal only)

Country: U.S.A.

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Taylor Mini Sheller (Model 640)
Taylor Mini Sheller (Model 640)
$399-Peas & Butter Bean Sheller. FAST!!
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