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Clever Cleaver Cutting Board

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Kerry's Corn Chopper Chopping Board
Kerry's Corn Chopper Chopping Board
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Slice and Dice Like a Pro!

Kerry's Cutting Board
The Clever Cleaver Cutting Board has an extremely sharp cleaver attached a high quality cutting board to create extra leverage for making precise cuts through the hardest fruits and vegetables.

The Blade Swivels Left to Right

Kerry's Cutting Board
We've made it so the blade swivels freely from side to side. This makes it easy to cut at the most comfortable angle yet still keep the blade perpendicular to the cutting board. Keeping the blade perpendicular makes very even slices. No more "wedgies."

Cut the Hardest Fruits and Vegetables

Kerry's Cutting Board Rutabaga
Slicing through this rutabaga was a breeze. Frankly I was a little concerned if this cleaver could handle it. The more I use it the greater confidence I have.

Unbelievably Thin Slices

Kerry's Cutting Board Yucca Root
We started eating yucca root about 3 months ago. We slice them thin and fry them like chips.

It is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory. As much as I inflame the wife, I need all the help I can get!

The thinner the pieces, the more crispy they come out.

Pineapple the Way You Want it

Kerry's Cutting Board Pineapple
It would be an understatement to say we eat a lot of pineapples. We've tried those pineapple core cutters. That left a lot to be desired.

Sometimes we like chunks and sometimes we like the slices. This cutting board allows us to cut it the way we like.

It also keeps the slices very even. The problem we has slicing it with a regular knife is we'd start out thick at the top and end up thin at the bottom.

Now we can concentrate on how thick we want it all the way through.

Onions and Garlic Finely Diced

Kerry's Cutting Board Onion
Finely chopping onions and garlic is a dicing subject at our house. I'm just not very good with a knife but somehow cutting up the onion is my responsibility. My wife likes onions sliced evenly for making onion rings and diced finely to go in the baked beans and on top of the hot dogs.

With a little bit of practice I can happily say that is one less thing to worry about.

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