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EZ Creamer Bracket

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Corn Creamer Tool - EZ Creamer

The best thing about the EZ Creamer is that it is super versatile and will meet all your corn harvesting needs. Not just a corn creamer tool, this machine will also cut, shell and even shuck corn!

Retail: $64.95
On Sale: $61.95
You Save: 5%
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EZ-Creamer Corn Cutter Addons

Corn Cutting Board-EZ Chopper

If corn cutting is a chore for you, the EZ Chopper with Cutting Board is ideal to make light work of cutting off corn cob ends and can also be used to cut fruits, vegetable and boned meats.

Retail: $44.95
On Sale: $39.95
You Save: 12%
Item Options

Which brush do you need?

A brush for all your needs!

Corn Cob Screw

This is an additional Corn Cob Screw or replacement for your EZ Creamer or Thomas Corn System.

Our Price: $6.99
Kernel Kutter

The Kernel Kutter is just a simple, fool-proof way to cut whole kernel corn.

Our Price: $11.99
Item Options

Kernel Kutter Options

Lee's Corn Cutter

The original Lee's Corn Cutter, first produced in the 1930's, is a time-proven high quality corn cutting tool. It may be considered an antique, but it's high tech and will cut whole kernel and cream-style corn perfectly.

Buy 1:$18.95 Each
Buy 2:$16.95 Each
Buy 3+:$14.95 Each

Macadamia Cracker

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