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Electric Mr Pea Sheller

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Taylor Pea Sheller

This is without a doubt, the longest lasting and most trusted personal/ commercial pea sheller for sale. Made in America..

Our Price: $489.00
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Little Sheller Accessories

Pea Sheller Pans Fresh Bags Storage Bag Holder Trash Ease
Electric Mr Pea Sheller

Lightweight and affordable. Great for purple hull, blackeyed peas, pink-eye peas, and cream 40's. Perfect for small gardens.

Retail: $324.95
On Sale: $295.00
You Save: 10%
Electric Mr. Pea Sheller Options

Popular Electric Mr. Pea Sheller Options

Mr. Pea Sheller

A reliable standby model that is perfect for small batches. Crank by hand or use a drill or mixer on med/high speed.

Our Price: $42.95
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Mr. Pea Sheller Options

Corn Creamer Tool - EZ Creamer

The best thing about the EZ Creamer is that it is super versatile and will meet all your corn harvesting needs. Not just a corn creamer tool, this machine will also cut, shell and even shuck corn!

Retail: $64.95
On Sale: $61.95
You Save: 5%
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EZ-Creamer Corn Cutter Addons

Lee's Corn Cutter

The original Lee's Corn Cutter, first produced in the 1930's, is a time-proven high quality corn cutting tool. It may be considered an antique, but it's high tech and will cut whole kernel and cream-style corn perfectly.

Buy 1:$18.95 Each
Buy 2:$16.95 Each
Buy 3+:$14.95 Each
  Mini Pea Sheller

*Out of Stock* Perfect for beginners and small farms, compact but effective for all types of peas and beans, thanks to its scientifically engineered adjustable rollers.

Macadamia Cracker

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